Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Play Darkest Days

Darkest Days

In the top-down space shooter game 'Darkest Days' you must shoot down different skilled types of enemies but your main objective is to destroy their bases!

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Storm Ops

Storm Ops Game

Gun down enemies as you earn money for better weapons and scopes in this fascinating shooting game.

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Play Mother Judgement

Play Mother Judgement

Take control of Josephine the Nun, as she explores a church in discovery of the source of a zombie invasion. Fight through arenas, defeat bosses, evade traps and unlock brand new weapons as you venture in this legendary mission to save the world.

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Play Magnetic Rush

Magnetic Rush

You are the master of the magnetic force! Use it gently in order to control magnets and navigate them through each level of this very dynamic puzzle game.

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Goodgame Farmer Game

Goodgame Farmer Game

Goodgame Farmer is the completely new farm simulation game from Goodgame Studios. Take pleasure in the gorgeous country life and manage your virtual farm. Grow your crops and trees, take care of animals and earn lots of exciting achievements and upgrades.

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Pocket Sized Cameras - Explosive Developments Never Cease To Amaze

Most pocket size digital cameras offer features that allow users to take easy photos that look great. The average person has little time or patience for reading through massive user's guides just to learn the basics for using a camera. Since technology is advancing so quickly, many camera makers are having a hard time staying on top of it. But that's also why we continue buying them because we all love the improvements! This article will discuss different Canon digital pocket size cameras so you can understand the various features each camera offers.


For those who favor high quality images taken indoors without a flash, the Canon PowerShot S90 is a terrific camera. Many digital cameras makers will take a line and create some specificity, or rather particular strong points and applications. In low light situations, the S90, with its wide angle lens and ability to capture subtle details, performs well. You'll be able to use the large display for picture viewing which is something a lot of people seem to like.


People who like to have control over the composition of their photographic compositions also find this camera useful. You can choose to manually control aperture, sensitivity, and shutter speed using this camera. The easy to use interface, in addition to everything else, makes this camera a great choice.


The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH20 is a great option if you're looking for a point and shoot style camera and don't need overly powerful zoom. Included with this ultra compact 14.1 megapixel camera is a built in flash and LCD. For those interested in LCD particulars, it uses an active matrix TFT technology design. This camera does not use an optical viewfinder at all, and instead you'll the 2.7 LCD display to review and frame your videos and images. There is an optical image stabilization system for shake compensation.


The Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 offers a great experience that is less specialized and more of an overall application. This camera does lack jpeg processing abilities but you won't be disappointed in your photos. This pocket sized camera has 10.1 megapixel resolution and a 3 inch TFT LCD display. The LX5 follows on the heels of the super-successful DMC-LX3 camera. Panasonic had to really work at trying to improve on the LX3.


We haven't found the improvements to be that massive. The LX5 has a sensor that is about 30% more sensitive than the LX3. You will notice improved color because the LX5 LCD uses a higher index for color rendering and it has LED back lighting, as well. {There are few companies that have a better reputation in the marketplace than Canon when it comes to pocket sized digital cameras. While these are old workhorses, they've continued to be loved by many of the more casual photographers who love taking snapshots on the go. The cameras that offer more features often have a much higher cost.


There are many mitigating factors that make choosing the best pocket size digital camera a challenging proposition. Your best course of action may be to identify your needs, work out your budget, and then find a camera that best meets both. Don't make high pixel numbers a priority unless you're planning to make large prints of the photos you take. It's important not to be swayed by marketing campaigns that might try to convince you that you need high pixel numbers.


Any camera maker would love to be in the position where they're struggling to design a follow up to a great product. There are terrific digital cameras available for all specs, applications, and budgets. The range in prices for cameras can start in the low hundreds and go beyond 0. Also, the most important thing is to determine your need for the camera and why you want to get it. Then take that information and begin researching.


Far too many terrific digital pocket size cameras with so many fabulous features, don't you think? Many of these models are follow ups to correct shortcomings that didn't get noticed until after production. This is not a problem for most people, or us. Keep in mind the various uses for ultra compact cameras as you look for one that fits your lifestyle and purposes.|These are a few of the pocket size cameras available. These cameras can be a good way to test out digital ultra-compact cameras if you've never used one. They produce decent pictures and are reasonably priced.

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Download Lost Chronicles Salem

Lost Chronicles Salem

Accused of Witchcraft, you need to save your mom and escape the town of Salem during the conflict of 1692 in Lost Chronicles: Salem!

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